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Monday, March 11, 2019

When I look back at accomplishments made in the town of Bluffton, there are many, but one major accomplishment was recognizing one of the most amazing woman I know, and that is Ida Martin. Very rarely are acknowledgements made to the living, and as I have heard often, “we should give flowers to the living as often as we do in memory of others”. So it was a pleasure to recognize and honor a role model for others, on her birthday, with a day in Ida Martins honor. April 4 has been celebrated for many years, and the fact that for some of those years, Mrs Ida was here to see how grateful so many of are, is very special.
Bluffton Self Help is taking off and doing exactly what Mrs. Ida Martin expected. Mrs Ida knew a long time ago to ensure the success and stability of Bluffton Self Help, she would need to expand the circle of supporters to include ‘new’ faces as well as younger faces. This was quickly accomplished and today we see the benefits from the work she did to have a well rounded, diverse board. So many people today don’t have the privilege of personally knowing Ida Martin, and for that I am sad, but the fact that they carry on her mission and continue to honor her on her ‘special day’ fills my heart with great joy. On a personal note, Mrs Ida was one of the first Bluffton residents I met once elected to the town council. She along with several other female leaders in this town took me under their wing, and always kept me on track, while not hesitating to be vocal on issues that they felt I needed to be aware of. Very few of these ladies are still alive today, but I will always cherish and respect them as I continue to be Mayor of this wonderful town. She truly is smiling from above on all Bluffton Self Help and this town has accomplished. 

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