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Eleanoras Story | Busy Season

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

For many, living in the Lowcountry feels much like being on vacation every day; the beautiful views, quaint town, friendly people, mild weather, and easy access to the beach, what more could we ask for. These are the same reasons many flock to our little town several times a year, our streets become busy and local business booms. Tourist season is open. Many neighbors who work in the hospitality industry rely on this very distinct tourist season to get by and are grateful for the busy season. However, during the off season things die down and it can be hard to bring in a consistent paycheck. Eleanora found herself in this scenario and needed help.  As the season started to slow down at a popular restaurant where she works she found herself getting behind in her bills. Since her husband’s contracting work was slow as well, this made it very difficult to bring home more than $600 in a month. Her family, like many living paycheck to paycheck, had no extra money for savings to get her through a difficult time. She requested financial assistance for her electric bill. The Financial Assistance through Bluffton Self Help has helped this family get caught up with their bills and has allowed Eleanora to complete the extensive dental work she is in need of. We are so happy you came in Eleanora, we know sometimes asking for help is the hardest part!

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