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Tuesday, November 27, 2018


After Hurricane Irma, Chrystal Rivera’s home in Tampa, Florida was destroyed. Her family of ten (10), including her mother and husband, were left homeless. She began applying to many organizations for help, but received no answer. Finally, a neighbor told her about Bluffton Self Help and she decided to give us a call. Immediately, we told her to come over.

The Rivera family arrived with no belongings, no employment, and no place to stay. To begin their new life, they were able to use our food pantry, clothing and financial aid. We made it our job to make sure they felt welcomed. Chrystal said, “We arrived in November and it was very cold. My family had nothing to keep us warm. I am grateful Bluffton Self Help was able to provide us with warm clothing, especially for our infant, along with everything else we needed.”

Today, Chrystal works at Parker's and is studying to become a chef. Bluffton Self Help continues to help her family by providing them with food and clothes when they need it. Our community looks forward to helping Chrystal settle down in what we hope will become her forever home. We are overjoyed to see Chrystal and her family looking towards a brighter future.

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