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Red Apron Hero Spotlight | Ginny

Wednesday, October 07, 2020


Ginny has been a valued Red Apron volunteer since 2018.  She helps manage our donor database.  Ginny is extremely detail oriented, ensuring that each and every donation is logged correctly in our software.  There have been weeks during our COVID response where Ginny worked 20-25 hours a week entering the donations from our generous community.  Her dedication to her volunteer role is admirable and we are grateful for all of her hard work! 

Q: What do you think other people should know about this organization?

A: Your donations really do go directly toward helping people. For example if you donate clothes, they don't sell th clothes and use the proceeds, the clothes are given directly to people in need. BSH operates with very low overhead so your donations truly make a difference. 

Q: Why do you support Bluffton Self Help

A: I know how genuinely dedicated they are to their mission. Their positive impact on our community is enormous. 

Q: Is there a particular moment or memory that stands out to you?

A: What stands out to me is the overwhelming generosity in the community. In my volunteer role, I see the donations that come in. I am amazed at how many people give their stimulus money to Bluffton Self Help to help others who needed it more than they did. 

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