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Friday, March 08, 2019

Wendy, a mother with two young children, started coming to the Education and Resource Center in September. Her goals were to strengthen her English and computer skills in order to be able to help her first grade son with his school work. Together, our Education & Resource Center manager and Wendy found a program on the computer that she was able to practice and strengthen both skills at the same time. Wendy became a regular, visiting The Center 2 to 3 times per week, determined to reach her goal. She also became an active member in the English class every Monday held at the Education & Resource Center (ERC).

Wendy was so excited about her progress she began telling others about the ERC and encouraged them to attend the ESL classes and ERC to strengthen their skills as well. A couple of her classmates took her suggestion and visited The Center to use the computers. She was eager to teach her friends what she had learned and was enthusiastic to help. Wendy met one older woman who had no transportation but was interested in attending workshops and classes at the Education & Resource Center. Wendy offered to pick her up when she was close by and bring her to The Center to give her the opportunity to take advantage of our programs. Impressed by Wendy’s motivation to learn and share her knowledge, we asked her to become a Bluffton Self Help volunteer- which she gratefully accepted!

During the past few months, Wendy has not only become an extremely valuable volunteer of the Education & Resource Center, but she is a valuable volunteer to other Bluffton Self Help programs. During the Christmas Holiday Toy Shop she worked tirelessly to help to keep the toys organized. Between all of her stocking and organizing, she translated and made the whole shopping experience that much more enjoyable for all of our shoppers!

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