This year, we will distribute more than 50 tons of food to the hungry in Bluffton and the immediate surrounding area. That amount will provide approximately 2,500 meals for our neighbors in need! Thank you for keeping our pantry stocked as our needs continue to grow.

How to organize a Drive or Event

Hosting a BSH Drive or Event is great fun!  The possibilities are virtually unlimited! You may wonder, what is the difference between a Drive and an Event?

Drives: We think of our Drives as “item-collection opportunities.” These are all of the ways people collect food-related or clothing-related items and bring them to Bluffton Self Help. Drives are a type of event, and so popular at Bluffton Self Help that they have their own process!

We are all most familiar with canned-food drives, and they are always needed and appreciated. But you or your group can also consider hosting any of the following:

  • Health Food Drive
  • Paper Products Drive
  • Food Fund Drive
  • Diaper Drive

Events: Typically, events are fundraising opportunities that bring awareness to our need to help our community.  Events are hosted by an individual or community that wants to raise resources for Bluffton Self Help. These activities are often on a larger scale than our Drives, and require more planning and lead-time. When we think of events, we think of committee involvement!

Want some help brainstorming or supporting your event, just give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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