Without organizations and businesses who raise money to fund grants to worthy non-profits, Bluffton Self Help would not exist at the level we do today. Because of our generous grantors, we are able to provide many more services for our clients in need.

Thank you to all our FISCAL YEAR 2020 Supporters

Ike and Letty Evans
Montage Hotels & Resorts, LLC
Palmetto Bluff Company, LLC
SERG Restaurant Group

$20,000 - $49,999
Beaufort County
Randall Bufford
Coastal Community Foundation of SC
Community Foundation of The Lowcountry
Jim and Linda Evans
Chan and Monie Hardwick
Ed and Mary Leary
Palmetto Electric Trust
Charles and Dianne Russ
Wexford Plantation Charitable Foundation

$10,000 - $19,999
Doug and Ronda Adamson
Daniel and Stacie Allen
R. Durwood and Gloria Almkuist
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Berkeley Hall Charitable Foundation
John A Binder
Coastal States Bank
Eileen and Richard Fontaine
Friends of Callawassie Island Inc
Brenda and Graz Graziano | The Graziano Charitable Fund
Thomas and Maren Hood
James and Madge McElyea
Pearce Scott Architects
Katie Peck | Peck Family Foundation
Saint Gregory the Great Catholic Church
Sisters of Charity Foundation
The Bargain Box
The Ginn Family Foundation
Bill & Lynda Glavin | The Glavin Family Charitable Fund
United Way of the Lowcountry
Patrick and Martha Walsh
Women of Palmetto Bluff

$5,000 - $9,999
Robert Ashe
Kimberly Block
Amy Boan
Michael Branham
W. Bryan Byrne
Central Carolina Community Foundation
Charles and Schuyler Hinnant
Operation Colleton River Charitable Fund
Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation
Thomas and Molly Coogan
Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation
eviCore Healthcare
Phyllis Facterman and Robert Doran
David and Cynthia S. Fleiner
Salvatore and Helen Gauci
Hargray Caring Coins
Erik Hirsch and Margaret McAllister
James Hoffman
Joe Herring Family Foundation
Patrick Jones
Paul and Maureen Lechleiter
Live Oak Christian Church
Long Cove Club Community Endowment Fund
Jason LaFrance
Kathleen McDonald
Paul and Mary McEvoy
Thomas and Kay Mills
Lee and J. Patrick Mohan
Linda and Jim Morrow
Doris Natale
Margaret S Parker
John and Sandra Reed
Robertson Foundation
Rogers/Slater Foundation
Rotary Club of Bluffton
Sally Frank Ayotte Charitable Fund
Joseph and Ruth Scodari
St. Andrew By-The-Sea United Methodist Church
Peter and Kathryn Stevenson
Nancy Sypniewski
The Kathryn Davis Grado Foundation
The Kroger Company Foundation
The Watterson Family Foundation
Thomas and Christia Valentino
Gary and Nancy Vandenberg
Michael and Kelli Ventling
Richard and Lucee Wallace

$2,500 - $4,999
Advanced Kitchen Designs
Thomas L Alaimo
Amanda Ware
Christine Ballantine
Linda and Frank Bauer
Belfair 1811 Charitable Fund
Bella Straw & Mulch
Bluffton Family Chiropractic
Douglas and Tonyia Bolton | Bolton Family Foundation
James and Jean Brennan
Peter and Susan Bromley
Tonya L Brown
Douglas Buckingham
Diane and Christopher Bullock
Burr and Forman LLP
Dennis and Karen Casey
Richard Cendrone
Classic Home Mortgage, Inc.
Coastal Plains Insurance
Allan and Dianne Couper
Lynn Cushing
Charles Daniels
Eugene and Frances Dolan
Jim Moore | Dudes Bike Run
Anthony and Mary Falvo
Fidelity Charitable Trustees Initiative
Fifth Generation, Inc.
Food Lion Feeds Charitable Foundation
Herbert and Helena Garbarini
Christopher and Barbara Geer
Brian R Good
Malcolm and Susan Goodridge
Mr. and Mrs. Graham
Amy Sohda Harsch
Hilton Head Area Association of Realtors
Illinois Tool Works Inc.
John and Pidge James
Kiwanis Club of Bluffton
Robert and Joan Koenig
Amy R Kreisler
Julie Lerner Levine
Lowcountry Presbyterian Church
William and Sheryl Magro
James and Sharon Mattei | Mattei Foundation
Leanne McHugh
Arthur Neil and JC Milner
The Monteil Family Fund
Douglas D Moore
Morris Garage & Towing, Inc.
Brian Neumann
Moss Creek
New Spring Church Inc
Pamela Norley and Donn Randall
Brian and Cynthia Nye
James A Pegolotti
Priebe & Associates Inc.
Jack and Deborah Proud
Kelly Williams-Puccio
Revitalize HHI, LLC
Terrence Reynolds
Thomas W. Smith
Adam and Carol Sponaugle
Andrew and Michelle Sriubas
Vicky Triponey
Jayne Wall
Charlie and Susan Wetmore
Linnea Wilson
Barbara Yale
Roger and Sandy Yoder
Wayne and Mary Zanetti

$1,000 - $2,499
Houssam Aboukhater
Absolute Island Management
Mark Aher
Peter and Susan Albero
Ronald and Kathy Algrim
Gerald and Mary Anderson
Anna O Anderson
Daniel and Rebecca Andrews
Theresa M Annessa
James and Victoria Ansberry
Ellen Arnold
Associa Cares
Greg and Teri Barnes
Ford Bartholow
Alfred and Debra Beam
Kathleen and Kevin Beatty
Gerald and Priscilla Bell
Catherine M Bell
Jerry and Janet Bender
David and Theresa Bennett
Diane and James Berlier
Richard Best
Philip and Leslie Biegelsen
Marc and Sharon Bigley
Edythe M. Birkett
Jack and Mary Black
William Blevins
Bluffton General Store
Bluffton Marine Rescue Squadron
Bluffton United Methodist Church
Jeffrey Boffa and Michele Martinez Campbell
Margot and Jeremiah Bogert
Kathleen and Michael Boggs
Christine and James Bogrette
Marianne and William Boyd
The Bradbury Family Charitable Fund
Susan and Jerry Bradley
Thomas and Diane Bronzert
Ronald and Rhea Brown
Ronald Bruno
David and Beth Brush
Diane and Roger Buchanan
Robert B Buterbaugh
Ed and Polly Byrd
Robert and Barbara Byrne
James and Cheryl Cahill
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Camillo
Theresa and Donald Cammerata
Campbell AME Church
John and Patricia Canzano
Charles and Rosemary Carpenter
Roy and Ina Carpenter
Janet and Larry Cass
James and Kathy H Casson
Casual Living, Fireside & Grillin
David Chandler
Charles Schwab of Bluffton
Charter One Realty & Marketing Commercial Division LLC
Walter Treiber | Chicago White Metal Charitable Foundation
John A Chisholm
Frederick Chitty
Michael Chou
Jeremy and Amanda Clark
Margaret and Bob Clarke
Jane and John Clements
Coastal Carolina Medical Center
The Collins Family
Colin P Combs
Community Health Charities
Congregation Beth Yam
Bradford and Erica Cook
Johnnie Garrett
Court Atkins Architects
William and June Cree
Peggy Frotton | Crescent Creek Neighborhood - Sun City
Crescent Ladies Lunch Bunch
Jeff and Leslie Crook
Crossroads Community Support Services Inc.
Carol and James Cuff
Randall and Janet Culler
Patricia A. Cummings
Curt Cook Construction LLC
Jean Cutler
Robert and Terri Dalton
Linda and Thomas Daschle
Andrew and Lisa Davis
Julia C Davis
Richard and Linda Delcore
Stanley and Cindy Dennis
Francis and Linda DiTommaso
Phillip and Elizabeth Doetzel
Robert J Donaldson
Anne and James Dout
David and Cheri Dowdall
Richard and Michele Eberhart
Peter and Mary Elder
William and Judith Eldridge
Amy Erickson
Kaylynn Evans
Thomas and Brenda Fahey
Enloe Family Trust
Deborah Fanning
Susan Farnham
William G Faucett
Ashley and Jeff Feaster
Bruce and Marilyn McPheron
Frank J Fekete
Earl Fender
Teresa and Hubert Ferro
Geraldine and James Fetch
Lois Finch
David and Jeanie Fisher
Joseph and Eva Flaherty
Craig J Foley
Duncan Foster
Susan Frasca
Sandra and Michael Frazier
David and Kim Furman
Sheila Gallahue
Laurel A Gardner
Timothy and Marjorie Garvey
Fred and Irvine Gaskin
L. Kirk and Susan Glenn
Edward and Jane Goodyear
Rob and Wendy Goshert
Lee and Patricia Gradman
Carol and Charles Gray
VivIan Green
Thomas and Suzette Greiner
Richard and Cynthia Gross
J. Michael Hagen
Halle's Hope, Inc.
Robert Hamilton
Anne Hamilton
Richard and Rebecca Harris
John H. Haslam
G.B and Alexis Hefner
Martin and Joanne Heiberger
Kim E Henson
Richard and Joan Herberger
Heritage Classic Foundation
Jill Ritter | Heritage Oak Place - Sun City
Robert Herman
David and Carol Hevey
HHI Inc. | Mark and Debra Dabule
Sally D Hickman
Katherine A Hoffman
Bonnie Huber
Carolyn Hubers
Stacey Hughes
James and Marjorie Humphrey
IMC Resort Services, Inc.
Lauri T. Isbrandtsen
E. Meredith and Jacquelyn James
Craig and Meg Johnson
William Johnson
Paul and Marilyn Jones
Billie C Jones
Junior League Sustainers of the Lowcountry Fund
Paul and Kathy Kaleta
Billie Kaufman
John Kenney
John and Catherine Kenyon
Bruce Kessler
Kevin Sevier State Farm Agency
David and Micky Kibbe
Eugene Kiley
Robert Kline
Kendig and Carol Kneen
Walter and Dorothy Knell
Craig Knoll
Eva Kolodner
Jay Koven
George and Susan Kreick
David and Gayle Kunkel
Tim Kurek and Kimberly Jones
Robert and Lorraine Law
Peter and Catherine Lawler
John and Pamela Leonard
Lee Leonard
William and Judith Leonard
Lydia Gray Bartholow
V.A. and Linet Lombana
Ralph and Vicki Longbucco
Kenneth and Barbara Louis
Lowder Investment Properties, Inc.
Marilyn MacDonnell
Carol and Alburt Malazita
Paul Marshall
Deborah Matus
Donale and David McColloch
Joseph and Jill McGarr
Michael and Karen McGrath
William and Nancy McHugh
Donald and Geraldine McKay
William and Diane McKinnery
Peter McNamara
Karen L. Middleton
Kenneth Millar
Elizabeth Miller
Jerry and David Miller
L.B. and Shirley Mingledorff
Lawrence and Donna Moerke
Donald and Linda Moran
Victoria J. Morrison
James Murphy
Charles and Patricia Murphy
David Myers
Telly and Tamara Nakos
Mark and Susan Newlin
William and Susan Nimmer
John and Mary Noel
David and Amy O'Donoghue
Patricia J O'Neil
Arthur and Norah K. O'Neill
Kelly Obrien
Palmetto Electric Cooperative
Alexina S Harter
Judith and Al Panu
Paris Market LLC
Roger Park
Adam Perlin
Wendy and Ken Peters
Tom and Susan Philbrick
Dave and Debra Pooley
Patrick and Allison Porter
Stephen and Sandra Powell
Proudly LLC
Steve Purpura
Claire Quinn
Paul Randall
Randy Jeffcoat Builders, Inc
Cathie Rasch
Fran Raus
Steven K Richards
Carol Riddick
Riverside Gives Fund
Clay and Julie Robbins
Alexander Robertson
Benjamin and Diane Robinson
Charles and Susan Roderus
John P Rohrs
Rohrs Media Group LLC
Rotary Club of Okatie
Rotary International District 7770
Robin and Julianne Ruske
Patricia A Ryan
Russell Rymer
Robert and Diana Sanders
Schneider National Foundation, Inc.
Johanna Schoepfer
Tricia and Dick Schultze
Jeffrey P Schyberg
Karen and Alan Sheriff
Judith Shinoski
Frederick and Carol Siegel
Ronald and Catherine Silver
The Singh Family Charitable Fund
Thomas and Terry Skiba
Lecia L Smith
Timothy and Carol Snyder
Lynnette Sodha
Sybil Sodoma
James and Renee' Sokosky | Sokosky Charitable Fund
Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Co.
Mona G Souza
Martha Spencer
Randy and Terri Springer
St. Francis Thrift Shop
St. Luke's United Methodist Church
John Steenhausen
Gene and Gail Stephens
Paul and Peggy Stevens
Helene Stoller
Warren Strauss
C.J. and Kathryn Strife
Jo Ellen Bitner | Sun City Tennis Association
Sun City Women's 9 Hold Golf Club
Tory and Ted Susac
Douglas Swaggerty
Barbara A Swanson
Mary Swett
Tanger Management LLC
Joel and Marsha Taylor
Daniel Taylor
The Eierman Foundation | Kathy & Greg Eierman
The Giorgio Misthal Family Fund
The Haven Craft Club
William and Shaaron Thomas
Nadine Thomson
Ronald and Linda Timblin
John and Isabelle Trenholm
Lincoln and Mary Lee Tumey
William and Caroline Tye
Sally Tyler
Michael Tyrrell
Unity Church of Hilton Head
Richard von Maur
Elias G Wahesh
WalMart Stores, Inc.
Michael Warner
Tara and Brett Warthen
Billy and Brenda Watterson | Watterson Brands
WebsterRogers Foundation
Kelly Allen Welsh
Laura Wetherington
Michael and Dana Wheeler
William and Deborah Whitlock
Whole Foods Market
James Wigginton
Cynthia Willett
George B Wilson
Kathy Cox | WJCL Hearst Television
Phyllis Yingling
Patricia Young
Nancy Contel | NRC Charitable Fund

$500 - $999
Brad Aaron
Michael and Sherry Adams
Marjorie W. Agin
Mark Ahern
Vincent and Debra Albanese
Sarah M Alexander
Randolph and Dee Allen
Philip and Natalie Alter
Paul and Sondra Ammeen
Roger and Jill Baim
Curtis D Bale
Brent Nelsen
Mary Bartholomew
Joseph and Patricia Bast
Linda M Bauer
Melissa Christian | Beach Biscuit
Bedminster LLC
Alfred (Monty) Beers
Belfair Tennis
Phyllis Bendzunas
Michael Benson
Robert and Sally Berman
Nancy and Victor Berry
Joseph P Bigus
Jonathan Boyd
Maddie Bowlin
Hamilton and Judith Boykin
Robert Brackin
Carol Branch
Nancy A Brown
Ruth A Brown
Stephen and Emily Brown
Susan and Rob Bryant
Dawn S Burke
Suzanne Wilkie Burns
Sharon Butler
James and Bernadette Caldwell
Ezra and Audrey Callahan
Callawassie Island Women's Club
Joseph and Patricia Cannarozzi
Steve G Capps
Lynn Ann Casey
Melvin and Anna Chaiet
Monika Christopher
Chubb Charitable Foundation
Tina Cirillo
Susanne Clark and Robert Diday
Elizabeth and Todd Clist
Club Car of Hilton Head
Gerald and Mary Coghlan
Steve and Kathi Cohen
Barbara Collins
Frederick and JC Compton
Wayne and Kathleen Corley
Corvette Club of Hilton Head
Colleen Coyle
William and Janice Crouch
Crown Clothing Company
Kristina Curley
Richard and Karen Dale
William and Kathy Daley
D. Scott Dalton
Lisa Daniels
Christine Dattilo
John and Vivian Day
Dale G Deatley
Linda and Aden Deschene
Valarie Doran
Stephanie B Douglass
Nancy and Don Dwight
Charles and Sylvia Early
Kenneth and Margaret Easterling
Clarence and Deborah Edmondson
Cynthia Evans
C Eugene and Blanche Ewing
Douglas and Carol Farnham
Steven and Paula Fee
Gray Ferguson
Gail E Fitzmaurice
William and Roberta Flack
Joan Flynn
Debra Fogarty
James and Maria Foley
Krista Fowler
Gail Garcia
Michael and Barbara Garrigan
Angela T Geiger
Kenneth Gerstein and Ellen Weiss
August and Lisa Ghessie
Don and Irene Gillespie
Aaron Gilman
Brian and Mary Louise Gilroy
Richard Goryeb
Alex Graf
James C Grant
Robert and Gratia Chase | Gratia Chase Revocable Trust
Robert and Carole Greene
Susan Grider
E. Hubbs and Cheryl Grimm
Robert and Donna Guarino
William Guenther
Kimberly and Tom Guinta
Rebecca H. Hale
Jane L Hardy
David and Leslie Hart
Clyde and Nancy Hayes
Barbara and Ronald Hege
Sue Ann Hess
Bethany and Christopher Hewitt
Sarah Hiers
Elise Hill
Joan and Gregory Hlinka
Arthur and Frederica Hoffmann
Constance Holbrook
William R Horst
Reginald Howard
Beverly Hurum
J Mclaughlin Georgica Pine
Patricia D Jackson
Janet Jacoby
Roger and Robbin Jaklin
Joseph Jarboe
Bridget Jardeleza
Judith A. Johnson
Dianne Johnson
Henry Johnston
Edwin Johnston
Kay Jones
Lee and Lora Jones
Diane Kahn
Teresa Karst
William and Amy Keane
Nancy and Joseph Keenan
Kathleen Kehres
Nathan Keisling
Janet and Danny Kelley
June Davis and James Kenney
Laura Kirkpatrick
Steven and Katherine Klapp
Angela F Kleinhans
Kathleen Komisin Knapp
Thomas and Mary Jane Knight
Knights of Columbus
William and Sharon Knott
Michael and Deborah Kusiak
John and Rhonda Laakso
James and Anne Lampman
Ed and Jeanne Lane
Suzanne Lanfranchi
Janet Lang
Kay E Larson
Ann and James Lau
Nancy Mary Lebo
John and Angela Lee
Lisa Legge
Scott and Lisa Lengel
Mary Liggett
Karen C Light
Carol Litko
Joseph T Lombardo
Patricia Loper
Joseph and Doris Loveless
Edward and Sharon Lumadue
Lynn and Ronald Macan
Shawn Mahoney
Sharyn Marakovits
Peter and Peggy Marone
Mary Christine Martin
David and Nancy Mathias
M. Douglas and Jane May
Maye River Gallery
Barney and Kelda Maynard
Brendan and Barbara McCahill
Joy and Robert McClure
Ramona Hodson McCoy
Yvonne McCracken
William and Nancy McDaniel
Walter and Jane Christy McEvilly
Peter and Nina McGlade
Patrick and Elizabeth McIntyre
Karen and Brian McKay
Christine McMullan
Lorraine and Gordon McNeil
Sandra Merli
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Irene Miller
Jule and Heide Miller
Michael B Milner
Raymond and Janice Mintz
Virgina Molinelli
Mom's Club of Bluffton and Hilton Head
John and Sandra Morgan
David and Megan Musgrave
National Mah Jongg League, Inc.
Melanie and Earl Nelson
Vernetta Nelson
Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Rita Novak
Michael and Helena O'Brien
Okatie Creek Duplicate Bridge Club
Mark Palmer
Debra Parkes-Devlin
Virginia and Carl Paternite
William A Patterson
Ronald and Coleen Peer
Gary and Alane Peragallo
Kelly Petersen
Thomas A Polhill
Timothy and Brenda Pollard
Peter W Prather
Dickson and Colleen Pratt
James and Lori Price
Jane C Prue
Diane Quaid
John and Mary Quindlen
Jeffrey Quinn
Lindsey and Bates Rambow
George and Jan Ramming
Robin E Reever
Lawrence and Gail Riccio
Andrew Rice
Robert and Linda Rice
James and Georgene Risko
Franklin and Sally Roach
Blake Robinson
Ina Roesler
Alan P Rogers
Cynthia and Andy Rolfe
Patricia Ross
Robert and Arlene Ryan
Tom Ryley and Hilary Robinson
John Saraceno
Richard and Terri Savoury
Steven and Nancy Sayer
Thomas and Nancy Schloss
Kurt T Schmidt
Allyn and Ann Schneider
Carol and Sebastian Schroder
Michael and Ilene Schwartz
Doreen Scott
Timothy Shannahan
Martha and David Shimp
Melissa Shinall
Mulford and Elise Simons
James and Suzanne Sims
Albert and Elaine Slechter
Michael and Carol Smith
Paula and Dale Smith
Rosemary T Smith
Marvin and Colleen Smitherman
Jared Snavely
Judy and Jim Snediker
South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants
Southern Barrel Brewing Co.
Cheryl Sparkes
Susan and Jonathan Spaulding
Richard and Donna Spruce
Milton and Lynne Stombler
Charles and Patsy Sublett
Susan B Sutherland
C. Alexander and Janet Swan
Joan E. Tansley
John E Taylor
Temple Oseh Shalom
Steve and Jane Tennant
The Clorox Company | Michelle Reynolds
John and Joanna Hollingsworth | The Edge of Faith Fund
The Haven Stamping Club
The Lubrizol Foundation
The Parlour Salon
Janet Lee Thomas
J. Alun and Margaret Thomas
James and Gail Titus
Mark and Dorothy Todesco
Bob and Nancy Toggweiler
Richard and Lavara Ann Tullie
Jim and Barbara Turner
Richard Underwood
Michael and Judith Urbanek
Steve and Faye Varga
Allan and Patricia Varian
Joanie Vilcheck
Richard and Janet Wagner
Heidi Waller
Christine Walter
Edward and Kathleen Walters
William and Saundra Weagly
Barbara Weaver
J. Andrew and Kathy Weidman
Wells Family Fund
Gary and Barbara Welsh
Karen Whelden
Susan and Tom Whyde
Samuel Yates Wilburn
Michael Wilder
Chester and Arlene Williams
Veronica and Fallon Williams
William and Marian Williams
Wise Batten, Inc.
Quenten Witter and Constance Martin-Witter
Jeffrey Wonder, DMD PC | Bluffton Family Dental
John L Wood
Daniel O Wood
Patricia and William Woodard
Kirtley and Patricia Wooddell
Carol and William Wroblewski
Dennis and Kathleen Yarrington
Paul A Yhouse
Kenneth Zadoorian
Edmund and Suzanne Zoda
Bank of America Financial Center
Emily Geiger Chapter NSDAR

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