Bluffton Self Help is excited to announce a new program - Path2Success! This client-centered program will help adult learners identify individual goals and define their unique path to success. What makes this program different and unique is the way in which you travel the path. You are NOT alone on this journey. Path2Success will walk with you every step of the way providing support, mentorship, peer learning opportunities and much more. Let’s look at each part of Path2Success in more detail.




To begin your journey, you will meet with a Path2Success coordinator in an informal “Getting to Know You” 30 minute personal 1 on 1 session. She/he will help you identify your personal goals, the challenges you currently face and assist with setting your roadmap to success. Once created, your coordinator will set up next steps to get you ready for your journey ahead. Best of all, everything in Path2Success is free of charge.


You are NOT Alone: 

You will always have at least one dedicated advocate who partners with you to follow your progress, assist with assignments, help give advice and guide you as you travel. When usual bumps in the road occur, your advocate is there to help reassure you and get you back on your path to success. Along with your advocate you will be supported by various Path2Success volunteers, trainers, programs, resources, peer groups, networking opportunities and mentors to keep you on track to achieve the goals you’ve established.



Based on the personal goals you identify, your journey will be tracked to ensure you are making progress and identify any areas that may need attention. You’ll achieve certificates along the way that can be shared with college admissions, current/future employers, family and friends. You’ll gain the confidence and pride personal success brings. Local employers will recognize the training Path2Success graduates have achieved, giving you a leg up on the competition.



Our needs are as unique as each individual. As such we are ready to help support you from start to finish no matter what your challenges may be - All in One Place! If you need food, you will be provided access to our food pantry. If you need clothes for that important interview, we have a confident clothing closet.

ESL Training: To assist you with English language skills, we offer training using “BurlingtonEnglish.” BurlingtonEnglish offers a unique program for English language achievement. It combines face-to-face classroom activities with any time-anywhere access to state-of-the-art online interactive courses. With the BurlingtonEnglish Speech Trainer, students effectively improve their pronunciation and comprehensibility, giving them the confidence to communicate successfully in any situation. 

GED Assistance: Partnering with Beaufort Adult Education, GED preparation is provided at your own pace at the Education and Resource Center using open computers. With online assistance from MYGed and GED Study Guides along with onsite tutors, you can obtain the practice and preparation you need to successfully complete your GED exam and earn your High School Equivalency diploma. 

Work Readiness: To assist with work readiness, we offer “WIN Training.” Since 1996, WIN’s integrated approach to career readiness has given more than 10 million learners worldwide the tools, confidence, and skills necessary to excel. WIN’s e-learning solutions include academic and employability skills courseware, assessments, and credentials as an important foundation for creating a more effective and efficient system to prepare learners and job seekers for career and life success. The program is broken in two parts ”Ready to Work” courseware which includes Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information and Location Information and “Essential Soft Skills” courseware which helps learners develop and demonstrate attitudinal and behavioral skills that are essential to succeed in the workplace or school. Additionally, we can assist with resume writing and job interviewing. Open computers and printers are available to print your resumes and cover letters for the all-important interview. 

Financial Education: To assist you with managing your finances Consumer Credit Counseling of Savannah (CCCS) is providing an in-depth 4-week training session covering topics such as balancing your checkbook, creating a budget, getting and improving your credit score and so much more. Established in 1965, CCCS is a local nonprofit organization who provides families with money management solutions. 



In addition to the training programs, advocate support, mentoring, peer meetings and networking opportunities, the Path2Success team is meeting with employers across the area introducing them to the programs and training you’re achieving and getting them ready to welcome you to your first interview. 

The possibilities are endless. We’re ready to join you on your Path2Success. Please contact us to set up your first “Getting to You Know You” session and see how we can help you achieve your unique goals and develop your very own Path2Success.


Path2Success Hours 

In an effort to keep our community safe the ERC is currently open by appointment ONLY. Please call Barbara at 843-368-0270 or email barbara[@] to schedule your appointment to get started on the first step - an informal “Getting to Know You” 30 minute personal 1 on 1 session with a Path2Success coordinator in.


Open to ALL Beaufort County residents.


Interested in becoming a Path2Success volunteer coordinator? 

Click here for more information and to fill out an application. 

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