*In an effort to keep our community healthy we are unable to bring on any new volunteers during this time EXCEPT FOR OUR PATH2SUCCESS PROGRAM. Please check back for details on how you can become a Red Apron Volunteer.

Apply now to become a Red Apron Volunteer!

Our volunteers are individuals, families, senior citizens, corporate groups, religious organizations, school groups, and many others.  Learn more about the variety of volunteer roles and skills needed at Bluffton Self Help:

Food Distribution

  • Prepare fresh produce for immediate distribution
  • Unload food distribution trucks and food donations
  • Inspecting, sorting and boxing food donations
  • Assembling food packages for our Senior Food Program
  • Weighing and packaging food during food distribution
  • Recording weight of food for distribution

Clothing Distribution

  • Inspecting, sorting and labeling clothing
  • Bagging and discarding clothing for rag program
  • Checking out clothing selections with SWIPE Card

Client Support

  • Client registration and verification
  • Client check-out
  • Interview clients for financial assistance
  • Provide translation services

Office Support

  • Telephone/reception
  • Data entry & analysis
  • Project support
  • Event logistics

It’s easy to get started!

To become a Red Apron Volunteer, plan a visit with Bluffton Self Help during one of our information sessions held the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month to discuss your specific interest and goals at BSH, and share our training opportunities with you. 

Everyone is welcome!

  • We welcome middle and high school students to complete any school-required service hours, but we would like to remind every volunteer that it is their responsibility to plan and schedule their visit well in advance, since registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • *At Bluffton Self Help, we love instilling the act of giving back in our young people and encourage students to invest time and energy into helping our neighbors in need.  Due to our Hours of Operations, many students find it difficult to volunteer on site.  We want to help you reach your goals and help you earn the service hours you need on your own time.  Organize and promote a donation drive within your school, church, or community group.  Contact Julia Violi to find out what items are most needed.  Track the hours you spend planning, promoting and collecting your donation drive.  Schedule delivery of the donations with Julia Violi and we will provide signed documentation of the hours you spent on the donation drive.
  • Children love to get involved! (The minimum age to volunteer is twelve years old. Any minor 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult.)
  • Bluffton Self Help accepts court mandated service hours, but ONLY misdemeanor offenses will be considered eligible, and additional documentation must be provided.



We are in the process of improving current and developing new curriculum in our Education and Resource Center (ERC). Path2Success (P2S) is a client-centered approach which will assist an adult learner with defining a path to success that is unique to her/his particular needs. What makes this program special is the way in which our learners travel the path. They will NOT be alone on this journey. The Path2Success team from Bluffton Self Help will walk with our learners every step of the way providing support, mentorship, peer learning opportunities and much more.

Our program will utilize both in-person and online learning. A critical addition to the Path2Success program is you – our volunteers!

Interested in becoming a Path2Success volunteer coordinator? 

Click here for more information and to fill out an application. 

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